Augmentus EnumeratioEdit

This is the general term for the various abilities hosted by humans. They vary from the bending to damning of any tangible object or anything that simply exists.

These 'powers' can be hosted by any being, and usually are able to be applied to anything that exists, both physically intangibly.


The power of Damnation is the original power discovered by the Desert Pharaoh sometime during the Second Age. Although its origins are shrouded in mystery, it was most likely the product of insufficient funds and cursing The Wallet for its lack of monetary supply. With damnation one is able to lift and object or concept a maximum height of 5 metres and slamming it to the ground while uttering the incantation "Daaamn...<insert object name>!!!"

It has the capabilities of lifting anything and slamming it to the ground. It the damned object can be a concept oir emotion such as stress or language. There is no limit of size of the damned object as damnation of entire planets have been demonstrated by the Desert Pharaoh.

Derivatives of DamnationEdit

It is rumoured that attempts for the horizontal damnation of objects by the Tribe Osbörte. Damnation of objects at an angle greater than that of the horizon would effectively render them as Damned Projectiles. These Damned Projectiles would be moving at tremendous forces, as Damned Objects can only be stopped by an object of considerable mass, like the Earth. With the usage of Damned Projectiles, the Tribe Osbörte was destroyed in the late Second Age and no one to date has reattempted the act.


Bending was discovered in the early Third Era. Although it was a reletively recent discovery, it's origins are s
till shrouded, but it is most likely the product of the Demonic Bastard's influence on the Desert Pharaoh.

With bending, it is possible to bend objects into a 90 degree angle. As with Damnation, it is possible to bend any object, as well as concepts. It has not been attempted on objects that have considerable mass (such as planets) as the consequences are feared and no one dares to attempt it. Mountains and rivers have been attempted as there is evidence of such usage in olden myths like those of Heracles.

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