Every living thing on life stores Banked Energy. Banked Energy allows us to perform various tasks, such as skiing, jumping, cartwheeling, backflipping, reading, studying, acting, tasking, performing, etc.


The very first first notes regarding Banked Energy appeared during The Great Struggle of the early 2010s, when great pseudologist Tengu questioned his decreasing levels of Life Force. After numerous tests, Banked Energy was eventually conceptualized.
Banked energy

An adequate supply of Banked Energy during The Great Struggle.

Usage and CuresEdit

Banked Energy is used continuously when humans are awake. Doing tedious tasks such as studying and writing deplete ßϵ (units of Banked Energy) significantly. ßϵ can only be replenished by eating or sleeping. Eating only recovers thirty minute's worth of ßϵ, while sleeping replenishes an amount of ßϵ that scales according the amount of sleep obtained. Tests suggest that, on average, higher amounts of sleep scale better than shorter amounts. During The Great Struggle, on average, 1 hour of sleep converts to 70 ßϵ (about 2 hours worth of activities), while 8 hours of sleep can give as much as 560 ßϵ (about 16 hours worth). Too much sleep can be counterintuitive, however - sleeping more than 10 hours will instead decrease the amount of ßϵ replenished.

Depletion of ßϵEdit

There have been times of great need when one requires ßϵ when it is nearly depleted, but does not have the time to sleep or eat. During The Great Struggle such dire need for energy was common place, as The Great Osbon increased the work quota required every month during his reign in the Second Era. Once ßϵ is depleted, to stay up it is almost required to take a loan from the energy bank. The energy bank is the conceptual complex that converts Life Force into ßϵ. It is unknow how much Life Forece is required to convert to one ßϵ, but The Desert Pharaoh is currently reseaching the conversion at the expense of his own Life Force.

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