In this Era of being, there exists three principle deities that govern our lives and various smaller beings that influence our behaviour to varying extents

The three Principle deities include Triangulus, Osbon, and the Original One.

The Original OneEdit

The Original One was the basis of which the Deities and all things are built upon. From it sprang the roots of the visual universe, and thus began the First Age, the age of bio-diversification.


As of now, Triangulus holds the most power of the three Principle Deities, as they have seceded their place as Ultimate Being. Although he does utilize the most power, he is not necesarily the most powerful as the other Deities have higher jurisdiction over the universe, but choose not to excercise it regularly. When he took power, he ushered in the Thrid Age, the age of the Polygoniactrics.


Osbon, the Second Deity, in terms of order of creation may host the most strength out of the three Principle Deities, but chose to renounce his position of Ultimate Being after Triangulus earned the status Deity. He ruled the the Second Age, the Age of Osbon.

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